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Calcium Nitrate

The firm is an expert Manufacturer and Supplier of Calcium Nitrate. Our skilled chemical engineers process the Industrial Calcium Nitrate using premium grade chemicals and modern technology. Calcium Nitrate is generally used as a fertilizer that improves root and vegetative growth and helps in resistance of various plant diseases. Clients can avail eco-friendly, pure and reliable Calcium Nitrate at very affordable prices.


Assay(on dry base)99.0 0% +
Chemical CompositionCa(No3)2
Ph. (10% Solution)7.0 to 7.5
Nitrite (as NaNo2)NIL
Chloride0.2%(less than)
Sulfate0.05% (less than)
Iron (as fe)0.01% (less than)
Heavy Metal0.005% (less than)
Moisture0.2 % to 0.5%
Packing50 kg Plastic bag